Spray leak detection and helium sniffing are common methods for vacuum leak testing. The Helijet+ set offers a portable solution by eliminating the need for bulky helium cylinders. With its lightweight design and ergonomic features, it is easy to transport to test locations. The fact that all units can be refilled with a single rented helium gas bottle makes it very cost-efficient. Safety is ensured through refill stations and compliance with European safety directives. The set’s ease of use is enhanced by an adjustable and lockable needle valve, which allows for a precise and focused helium jet for detecting even the smallest leaks.

Additional Information

Spray leak detection

Spray leak detection and helium sniffing are common techniques for leak testing in vacuum. The first method consists of spraying helium on a small surface area of the part going to be tested and connected to a leak detector. When a leak is present, thin molecules of the tracer gas are detected and the leak rate can be determined.

This is exactly the application for the easily portable Helijet+ Set. Because usually Helium is stored in bulky and heavy cylinders, which are difficult to move to the test locations. But not only the ergonomics also the fine dose make the Helijet+ suitable in the field of leak testing. For this use the Helijet+ is the economic answer to helium transportation and handling. 

Key Features & Benefits 

  • Lightweight Design & Ergonomics

  • Total assembly weight is less than 2 Kg.

  • Easy carriage thanks to an adjustable shoulder strap.

Cost Efficiency

  • Refill all your Helijet+ with only one rented helium gas bottle

  • Safety & Simplicity

  • Safe and quick refill of the vessel with the provided refill station.

  • “Pi” marking and safety devices ensure this set conforms with European safety Directives on Transportable Pressure Equipment (TPED).

Ease Of Use

  • Perfect even for fine detection of extremely small leaks: an adjustable and lockable needle valve located on the spray gun allows for a directional helium jet with reduced dispersion cone.