Fabworx Solutions

Fabworx Solutions specialises in designing and manufacturing yield and productivity improvement products for existing semiconductor fab equipment. With a strong focus on wafer handling, the multidisciplinary engineering team excels in robotics and automation. The company’s robot upgrades for mainstream fab equipment have demonstrated remarkable performance improvements, including on-wafer particle reduction, elimination of wafer scratching, increased tool throughput, over four years of maintenance-free operation, and enhanced wafer placement repeatability. The end effectors offered by Fabworx Solutions feature a blade thickness of 0.090 in. for maximum wafer stability, along with replaceable perfluoroelastomer wafer support pads that ensure minimal wafer movement during robot motion.

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Fabworx products today are designed as robot upgrades for mainstream fab equipment, and have been able to demonstrate several tool performance improvements including:

  • On-wafer particle reduction,

  • Elimination of wafer scratching,

  • Tool throughput gain,

  • Greater than four years of operation without maintenance, and

  • Significant improvement in wafer placement repeatability.

End Effectors:

  • Blade thickness (0.090 in.) offers maximum wafer stability, and provides additional (0.030 in.) clearance for pick motion.

  • Three replaceable perfluoroelastomer wafer support pads provide exceptional coefficient of static friction, eliminating wafer movement during robot motion.