C&D Semiconductor

C&D Semiconductor, Inc. is an innovative and rapidly growing semiconductor equipment manufacturer based in San Jose, California. Since 1989, C&D has served global semiconductor and related industries, providing solutions for wafer handling, processing, and inspection requirements. The smartSort product line offers high-throughput wafer sorting based on customer-defined categories. The smartPro family includes systems for photolithography processes in semiconductor and exotic substrate manufacturing. For advanced inspection, the smartVision product line offers detection of pattern defects and particles on wafers. C&D Semiconductor is committed to delivering cutting-edge systems such as the P7000 Alloy/Anneal System, P8000-10 Advanced Linear Track System, and V2000 Bright Light Inspection, among others.

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Wafer Handling

The smartSort family of products offers high throughput sorting of wafers 50mm to 300m and to categories based on customer’s requirement.


The smartPro family of products includes systems used in photolithography process of semiconductor, MEMS, and other exotic substrate manufacturing. The product family includes the P7000 Alloy/Anneal System, P8000-10 Advanced Linear Track System, P8000-30 Frame Processing Track and the P9000 Cluster System.

Inspection Requirements 

The smartVision family of products offers advanced inspection systems for detecting patterns defects and particles on a wafer. The product of family includes the V1000 and V1020 Microscope Loader, V2000 Bright Light Inspection and V3000 Macro-Scope Defect Review System.