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Fabworx Solutions

Fabworx Solutions designs and manufactures yield and productivity improvement products for existing fab equipment. 

We are an engineering firm focused on wafer handling aspects of semiconductor production equipment. Our talents span a diverse range of disciplines, with special emphasis on robotics and automation.

Fabworx products today are designed as robot upgrades for mainstream fab equipment, and have been able to demonstrate several tool performance improvements including;

  • On-wafer particle reduction,
  • Elimination of wafer scratching,
  • Tool throughput gain,
  • Greater than four years of operation without maintenance, and
  • Significant improvement in wafer placement repeatability.

End Effectors

  • Blade thickness (0.090 in.) offers maximum wafer stability, and provides additional (0.030 in.) clearance for pick motion.
  • Three replaceable perfluoroelastomer wafer support pads provide exceptional coefficient of static friction, eliminating wafer movement during robot motion.